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  • Ingrid Raab, director of Raab Galerie, Berlin, lectured in conjunction with the exhibition Paintings of Emotion – Fifteen Paintings from Berlin. May 1, 1986

  • Salome, Berlin artist participating in the exhibition Poignant Sources, discussed his work. March 12, 1987

  • Jenny Holzer, discussed public art in New York City in conjunction with her exhibition Signs. May 28, 1987

  • A public conversation with 1987 Sculpture Grant Recipient Tony Labat and writer Carlo McCormick. August 4, 1987

  • Critic-in-residence Gary Indiana presented a public reading of his fiction work. September 17,1987

  • Writer and critic Brian O’Doherty spoke on “Orson Welles: Kane/ Arkadin. October 22, 1987

  • Artist Patrick Ireland, discussed his work and his Artspace exhibition in the context of “Installations: Temporary Art in The Future of Memory. October 23, 1987

  • Guest curator John Jacob presented a walk-through discussion of the exhibition Out of Eastern Europe: Private Photography, Nov. 11, 1987. The exhibition also featured evening programs of Eastern European video and performance artists presenting videos and performance documentation from their native countries. On November 18, Tomasz Sikorski presented and discussed video art from Poland; December 2, Miha Vipotnik presented Yugoslavian videos; and on December 9, George Pinter and Gabor Lukin presented Hungarian videos.

  • General Idea artists spoke on “Museum as Found Format,” in conjunction with their Artspace exhibition. January 13, 1988

  • Bruce Ferguson, titled “Abstraction in Question,” on artists working outside of traditional art formats and on the issues and aesthetics of time-based work. February 17, 1988

  • Wayne Zebzda presented a public discussion of his work in conjunction with his exhibition Ripoff: On the Nature of Security. March 14, 1988

  • Public lecture by the 1987 Artspace Painting Grant Recipient Darryl Sapien on his work. July 14, 1988

  • In conjunction with the exhibition The Lion Rampant: New Work from Scotland, participating artists Ken Currie and Ron O’Donnell offered a public lecture. September 14, 1988

  • Gallery talk by Michael Tracy on his work and the installation Santuarios. November 9, 1988

  • Jo Babcock presented a public discussion of his work, pinhole cameras, and the exhibit Low Tech. March 16, 1989

  • Lisa Hein, Irene Pijoan, and Enrique Chagoya gave a gallery talk. October 5, 1989.

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