Memory and Vision

May 17 – June 25, 1988
Curated by John McCarron

Artspace plays host to an exciting exhibition of recent-mural sized black and white and color photographic works by Astrid Klein and Katharina Sieverding. The selection will show the development of Klein’s imagery since the last showing of her work at the.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and introduces Sieverding in this first North American showing of her work. Memory and Vision is one of the few opportunites to compare the vision of these important artists working with innovative technical and conceptual approaches to photography. Their work addresses aspects of war and German history, but articulates through strong emotional imagery issues of survival, spirituality and regeneration.

Astrid Klein, born in 1951, resides in Koln, W.Germany. Her large black and white works (she refers to them as photoarbeiten, “photoworks,” so as not to confuse them with ordinary, non-manipulated photographs) are produced from photographic images appropriated from the mass media and subjected to a variety of processing and printing techniques.

Photomontage, double exposure, sandwiched negatives, draWing, etching, the use of screens and grids, masking and stencilling – all are used to create her enigmatic yet foreboding works.

Katharina Sieverding, born in 1944, lives in Dusseldorf, W.Germany.

Sieverding works primarily in color, using appropriated images and sometimes texts, enlargement and other manipulations. While she has exhibited in several Documentas and the Venice Sienna/e, this will be her first two-person exhibition in North America.